Your needs, our solution

Easy Plan Company was set up out of a clear need arising in the event & production industry. The ultimate connection between professionals of the event industry and software engineers generated a product, which changes entirely the sales capacity, the work and service currently existing in the industry.

Easy Plan is a semi-architectural software for mapping, designing and organizing spaces for event and productions.

The software allows creating an accurate event sketch while using elements from the event and production industry, from guest tables up to complex design elements and performance stages.

Throughout the sketch building and locating the elements, it is possible to observe the event space in 3D, thus receiving a better indication of the event visibility.

Easy site is a software, which allows your customers to enjoy a guest management system and seating arrangements, enhancing the intensive dialogue with your customers existing particularly during the week prior to the event.

Easy Plan software allows you and your staff to design the event in the highest professional level: the venue’s visibility, a sketch design, the customer’s experience and complete synchronization between all the production factors have never been easier.

why to use easyplan???

Sales Department upgrade– producing 3D simulations for complex events thus creating the customer’s connection to the event visibility already from the first meeting.

Operation Department upgrade – use of accurate sketches, production of equipment lists and enhancement of the interface between the production factors.

Customer’s Experience upgrade – guest management and seating arrangements on an Internet system, receiving the guests at the entrance to the event in a computerized and fast manner.